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ASPIRA Educational Enrichment (Special Education)

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Advocacy in Action: Special Education Parent Council

Advocacy in Action: Special Education Parent Council is an organization at Las Americas ASPIRA Academy specifically designed to support families of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPS). Meet other families who are a part of an IEP team and learn how you can support your children at home and in school. Join us and learn how you can take an active role in your student’s education.

Advocacy in Action: Special Education Parent Council es una organización de la Academia ASPIRA de Las Américas diseñada específicamente para apoyar a las familias de estudiantes con Planes de Educación Individualizada (IEP). Conozca a otras familias que forman parte de un equipo de IEP y aprenda cómo puede apoyar a sus hijos en casa y en la escuela. Únase a nosotros y aprenda cómo puede tomar un papel activo en la educación de su estudiante.

Most Recent Information Session

Tuesday, May 14
8:45-9:45 AM

Check out the slides from the May meeting.

Thank you to Maria Locuniak (Delaware Department of Education) & Kathy Murphy (SPARC) for presenting SPARC and PIC: Mediation Supports in DE.

Learn more about academic and community activities to keep your student engaged over the summer. 

Slide Library

Spring 2024 - Summer Engagement & SPARC and PIC: Mediation Supports in DE
Winter 2023 - Setting Behavior Expectations at Home
Fall 2023 - Meet Your Team & Communication and Parent Involvement

Educational Enrichment Team Directory

Kim Whyte

Director of Education Enrichment

Kimberly Schukraft

Educational Diagnostician (K-4)

Sarah Jefferis

Educational Diagnostician (5-8)

Ashley Fritchey

Educational Diagnostician (9-12)

Multilingual Learner Support

Samantha Reynolds

Multilingual Learner Teacher

Yeraldin Velazquez Gomez

Special Education/Multilingual Learner Paraeducator (Elementary School)

Related Services

Phyllis Peterson

School Psychologist (K-12)

Kathryn Cooley

School Psychologist (K-8)

Wendy Lewis

Speech-Language Pathologist (K-12)

Emma Richardson

Speech-Language Pathologist

Terri Peffley

Occupational Therapist (K-12)

Alex Kemble

Physical Therapist (K-12)


Tiffany Burton

QUEST Teacher

Elementary School

Allison Cipolla

Special Education Teacher (3rd Grade)

Debra Lewkowitz

Special Education Teacher (Resource Room)

David Washington

Special Education Teacher (5th Grade)

Kimberly Zapata

Enrichment Paraeducator (Elementary School)

Sharell Saunders

Enrichment Paraeducator (Elementary)

Lisa Monsen

Special Education Teacher (2nd Grade)

Nicole Fisher

Enrichment Paraeducator (AVA)

Middle School

Fifi (Josefa) Romero

Enrichment Paraeducator (Middle School)

Candace Henderson

Enrichment Paraeducator (Middle School)

Audra Bensinger

Special Education Teacher (6th Grade)

Tierra Scott

Enrichment Paraeducator (Middle School)

Cynthia Pringle

Enrichment Paraeducator (Middle School)

Mr. Christopher Woodruff

8th Grade Enrichment Teacher/Case Manager

High School

Sandra Johnson

Special Education Teacher (ILC)

German Rojas Juarez

Enrichment Paraeducator (High School)

Kristin Safris

Enrichment Paraeducator (High School)