Bus Transportation

Select one of the following bus routes from the menu below:

Bus 1 - Bear/Rt 7
From Buckley through Walther's Rd to Darling St.

Bus 2 - Main Street
From Studio Green Apts on Elkton Rd through Newark and Ogletown Rd.

Bus 3 - Newark/Pike Creek
From Barksdale Park then North to Pike Creek and over to Old Harmony Rd.

Bus 4 - Bear/Christiana
From Four Seasons 896 to Rte 40 to Salem Church Rd to Woodshade on Old Baltimore Pk.

Bus 5 - Wilmington North
From Governor Printz Blvd to Wilmington (Lombard, LACC, Bancroft, Lancaster Pk.) then Kirwood Highway/Kirkwood Plaza.

Bus 6 - New Castle
From Jefferson Farms to Wilmington Manor

Bus 7 - Wilmington South
First State Plaza to Wilmington (Broom, Lincoln) then Meadowood Shopping Center.

Bus 8 - Beaver Brook/Rt 273
From Beaver Brook to Salem Church Rd.